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15 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Invisalign… Is It Worth It?

  1. Is it true that you have to wear a retainer for the rest of your life to keep the teeth in place?

  2. so essentially braces and a retainer at the same time! a cement piece that stains and a retainer you have to wear all the time…TOOOTALLY worth it 🙄

  3. Also:
    1. You have to wear a nighttime retainer for life after your treatment
    2. You have to floss brush after each meal
    3. Sometimes you have to wear rubber bands which really suck
    4. Treatment can go from 6 months to 2 years
    5. You have to also brush your retainer itself since it holds bacteria

  4. I had it. It was extremely annoying, super stinky, unhygienic, disgusting but it was all worth it. I have beautiful teeth now and would do it again!

  5. in srilanka and thanks to free health services i got my braces free and my upper jaw teeth perfectly set. but my lower jaw there is a gap of 5 6 mm but i am ok with it. i was wearing braces nearly 5years and i am in last stage of treatments. since i have plans to study in australia in next another 5months i worry i have to discontinue my treatments in sl. i m unable to bear up a huge cost for dental treatments in abroad too. my doc told invisalign will need to put to my lower jaw and retainers for upper jaw. i am lost what should i do now. is it worth to get invisalign. if i dont wear retainers to lower jaw is there a high chance my lower jaw teeth will mess up?

  6. Thank you! This helped so much and I’m getting Invisalign very soon and now I know what to expect while I have it.

  7. Are invisalign and attachments a one time fee? Or is there a cost for every new tray and new attachments?

  8. I’m thinking of getting Invisalign just for my top row. What determines them needing to add the attachments or not? I just want to fill in a couple smaller gaps – do you think the will need the attachments? Thanks for making this video! 🙏

  9. I have to say, I kinda eat soft stuff, sometimes even chips, with Invisalign on to get to those 22/23h and I never had a problem. I ofc take it out and rinse it afterwards, but it’s totally fine to eat with it (no hot or crunchy foods though), esp if like me you have to change it every 10 days

  10. I never found Invisalign painful ever but metal braces when they would get tightened would hurt and need painkillers

  11. Honestly no one has ever noticed I wear aligners and can’t see attachments either that’s just so minor

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