Come with me to get Invisalign! Disclaimer this it not an ad! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time so, come along with me to the dentist to get my teeth ready for my first set of Invisalign! I hope this video helps answer any of your questions about the process if you are considering it! It’s a great alternative to braces, that is discreet and lets you still live your life. Let me know in the comments if you have ever had Invisalign and how you found it! Or is this something you would like to get done? Thanks for watching! Dr Alex’s Weekly Prescription 💬 Shop Prescrib’d 👇 Check out my podcast ‘The Waiting Room’ for more advice and tips 👇… Order my book – ‘Live Well Every Day’ 📚

14 thoughts on “My INVISALIGN JOURNEY | What it’s like getting Invisalign for the first time!

  1. Just started with invisalign myself. Just coming to the end of my first 14 days, so getting ready to switch to trays 2/19. I find them fine to wear but eating is now a massive faff! Not a fan of the attachments, but gradually getting used to them.

  2. I have Invisalign, best thing, I’ve gained so much confidence when I smile, it was hard to begin with, but now use to it.

  3. Does the lisp with Invisalign go after a while? How long does it take to go?

  4. Can I do a video with you Alex talk about elplesy 💜 can you let me know Alex

  5. I had Invisalign June 28th 2016-November 29th 2018. Switched orthodontist. I had ceramic braces December 5th 2018-March 9th 2020. Lost my retainer in July 2020. Got a frenectomy in April 2021. Got Invisalign for the second and final time March 28th 2022-. I made the mistake of not purchasing the unlimited retainer package when I got my ceramic braces off. I made sure I did that this time. I’m so happy

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