There is nothing necessarily new about Invisalign. The 25-year-old company was started by Stanford alum Zia Chishti and three of his classmates out of a garage in Menlo Park in the late 90s. Today, Invisalign makes over 750,000 custom retainers every day. CEO Joe Hogan says the company is the largest 3D printing business in the world. It took 10 years for Invisalign to reach 10 million customers. But something happened when we locked down, our mouths and wallets opened up. It expects to add some 2.5 million customers this year in the U.S. alone. » Subscribe to CNBC Make It.: About CNBC Make It.: CNBC Make It. is a new section of CNBC dedicated to making you smarter about managing your business, career, and money. Connect with CNBC Make It. Online Get the latest updates: Find CNBC Make It. on Facebook: Find CNBC Make It. on Twitter: Find CNBC Make It. on Instagram: #CNBC #CNBCMakeIt

17 thoughts on “How Invisalign Made Billions Reinventing Adult Braces

  1. Will Invisalign correct my overbite or should just get regular braces?

    1. depends for every case some people cant get invisalign only if you visit an orthodontist you will get the information you need

  2. 40% of the footage is desktop 3dprinting and in house aligner manufacturing (actually a kind of competition to invisalign)

  3. Why do they keep saying “retainer” when they should be saying “aligner..?”

    This is *mainstream media* people, and can’t even correctly say something so simple…

  4. I had the same idea about 10 years back. And i was really passionate about it but the problem was i was stuck in my third world shithole of a country.

  5. As someone who has used Invisalign, the product itself is pretty good.

    But this video is more advertising than anything else.

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  7. Invisiline had a patent for years but then yeah then they lost their patent so that’s why you have all theyeah why you have all these more affordable clear aligner companies now. Go with them instead of invisaline

  8. I couldn’t make it to my invisilign doc during pandemic. I still needed a few revisions but my invisign expired in March of 2020! They really should have extended.

  9. I got my invisalign in Nov 2021. I kept debating on braces vs invisalign.. my dentist suggested braces as my case was way too complicated (she had no experience with invisalign). Plus she recommended removing 4 teeth after removal of wisdom teeth! After consultation with another orthodontist in my area, i chose invisalign with no need to remove my 4 main teeth. Its a 15 months plan with 44 trays! 🤞🤞

  10. Started Invisalign in May 2020. I had an amazing orthodontist who said I was a very “compliant patient.” It was the best investment of my life! Thank you! 🦷🦷🦷🪥🪥🪥♥️♥️♥️

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