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27 thoughts on “How Invisalign changes your face

  1. My lateral incisors protrude but my 2 front teeth are also slightly back, if I got Invisalign would straightening my lateral incisors cause my top lip to look smaller or thinner?

  2. I have a very similar teeth situation like the beautiful woman on 2:30 and 3:00. Please tell me does she get some upper teets removed for braces or not? Thanks

    1. Good luck, you wont regret it!!! I already feel so much more confident. I have 10 trays left then I am done!

    2. @H A At what tray did you see significant difference? I’m on my 10th tray and am seeing very little results. Could be how bad my teeth are but expected to see more results.

  3. I have always had naturally big lips but the invisalign made the shape of my lips nicer, they look fuller and equal looking. Straightening my teeth has been the best experience. I had the biggest gap in my front tooth, to the point it looked like I had a tooth missing. But it was very far back so no one could see it. It started to cut on my tongue and affected my speech too. Giving me a lisp since my tongue couldn’t fully touch the roof of my palette. Now I see my smile getting better and I couldn’t be happier. I no longer feel the need to hide my smile.

  4. It will make your face more symmetrical. And that’s definitely a good thing.

  5. Yep. I had an overbite. I can’t get over the difference! I actually look a little younger than I did before treatment. 😄

  6. i feel like none talks abt how genuinely disgusting it is in the morning and you have to take it out and u can taste the morning breath and smell it ew ew

    1. Are u throughly cleaning them daily? I don’t have that issue. Take them out soak them in some listerine and denture cleaner( 5 minutes or when your having dinner) and brush your teeth. Then take some toothpaste and gently brush the inside and outside of the retainer then rinse it off with listerine do this day and night and everytime u eat.

  7. I was told my overjet wouldn’t be fixable with just Invisalign, and that I would need jaw surgery to correct it.. 🙁

    1. Similar that I won’t get the result without changing my whole profile…. They didn’t clear up will my jaw move at all and my overbite improve a tiny bit w invisalign what do you think

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